Mama Lacy and the boys

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Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Animal Shelter
640 Wyman, St.
(419) 382-1130
Hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Mama Lacy and the boys (Tristin, Rusty, Cyris & Hugo)… oh and there’s one sweet little girl, Naomi. These babies are 5 weeks old, but, you’re never too young to fall in love.

The Toledo Animal Shelter is the oldest no-kill shelter in Toledo. They have a great website, easy to navigate and full of community opportunities and general information.

According to their website:

Our Mission:

To care for and to provide temporary and indefinite shelter and care for homeless and abandoned dogs and cats by promoting and sponsoring animal welfare education programs, adoptions, preventive veterinary care, and a mandatory spay/neuter program, with emphasis on a “no kill” policy for its animals.

The Shelter operates with a small, but highly dedicated staff, plus a host of loyal volunteers who generously contribute their time, talents, and skills to the Shelter’s operation. We are a 501 (c3) nonprofit organization.

From very humble beginnings, the Shelter has grown with a new building, dedicated in 2004, to provide the best possible care for all our animals. We are one of the most highly-recognized and well-respected animal adoption agencies that serves metropolitan Toledo and the surrounding region.


The day to day operation of the Shelter is under the auspices of our Executive Director.

The Shelter is managed and governed by a distinguished volunteer Board of Directors.


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